Many people are taking a financial hit right now and we are going to do our part to help get through it.  We are a family owned and run small business and we also hope to get through this, so we are taking some bold action.     

  We are a TEAM .  Until further notice:

  • Right now, any bat we sell will be $179.  Because of the CRAZY amount of support we've seen so far, we are going to change our whole business model and be going DIRECT TO YOU only.  We will have one low bare bones price all the time.  No "sales", no "discounts".  In other words, ALWAYS on sale, ALWAYS discounted.  It may end up being a few bucks more than it is right now, but not much.  We want anybody and everybody to be able to swing our bats.

  • Baseball bats sold from today on will carry a 1 Year Breakage Warranty.  We already had the best warranty in the business for a wood baseball bat -  now we're untouchable!

Now, because of our performance and our warranty, there really is no reason you need to swing a foreign made non-wood bat.  BBCOR means wood.

We got this America!