PowerWood B-52

Team America Discounted during Baseball Disaster

1 Year Breakage Warranty!


The B-52 is the first of our "B" Series end-loaded bats.  If you're strong and like an end loaded feel, this bat's for you.  We like to call it "Thor's Hammer".

We can do this with the same knob as on the M-21( the B-29)  and also do it as the B-73 with a large bell type knob.  Just give us a call.

Swingweight is indexed to an M356 (Edgar Martinez model)
All B Series bats will have about a -2 Swingweight. Top hand is 31/32", slight flare to bottom hand.

The patented Powerwood bat outlasts and outperforms all others because of it's unique laminated design, true Hickory handle and rock hard Tanoak barrel.  It's a difference you will notice the first time you hit with it.  Even the sound is awesome!

Powerwood has the proven best performance (see here)
Love it or your money back Guarantee
BBCOR Certified, Legal for PERFECT GAME

Customer Reviews

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B-52 MacDougall Bat

I purchased a B-52 bat for my grandson. His first game, first up to bat, he hit a home run bringing in two additional runs and clinching the win! He loves the bat and now every kid on the team wants to use it! Thank you for walking me through the whole purchasing process while choosing the right bat for him. I am thankful for the guidance. Your customer service is above and beyond!

Sweet! Thanks Bobbi. We're always here to help. It's how we roll.
MacDougall Believer!

I have 7 MacDougall’s! M-Series, B-Series and the fungo. They are the best bats made. I really like my 2 all Hickory bats. Both are 34” B-series weighing 41oz and 36oz. Huge pop with these hickory barrels. 2 of my teammates ordered the B-Series after I started swinging the all hickory last season. And, John is the best......call him and talk bats.

Thanks Carl! That's what we make 'em for. All fun and no disappointment. We live to make baseball players smile every time they step in the box.

Best bat I’ve ever owned. My kids aren’t allowed near it! 😃

Aye! :-)

When I read Killebrew Used tanoak bat I was sold on trying something different than what the market offers. I have yet really put it to use in games however training with it is great.

Lots of Pop

As a dedicated Viper guy, I watched as one of my teammates dro
ve the baseball consistently with his new Doogie. Decided to give it a try and had the same results. Big sweet spot and consistently hit the ball harder and farther. Just may be a Doogie convert.

Thanks Greg! We're dedicated too. To performance, durability and customer service. Have fun with the Doogie!