Powerwood SB-14 Softball Bat

The SB-14 "Official Softball" Bat has a 2-1/4" barrel to meet all league requirements and come in 32", 33" and 34" lengths. The patented Powerwood bat outlasts and outperforms all others because of its unique laminated design, True Hickory handle and rock hard Tanoak barrel.  It's a difference that you'll notice it the first time you hit with it.  Even the sound is awesome!  Babe Ruth's Hickory + Harmon Killebrew's Tanoak =The Beast 

Legal for use in ASA - No certification required for wood bats From USA (ASA) Softball:  "Softball bats made entirely of wood do not need to be certified, but still must comply with the Official Rules of Softball requirements."  We do!

Powerwood has the proven best performance (see here)

If you're going to swing wood, swing the best!

The SB-14 will have a -3 to -3.5 Swingweight -Handles are 31/32"

Optimized power transfer Powerwood barrel & taper


Customer Reviews

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solid bat

I'm very satisfied with my purchase. My MacDougall bat feels very solid on contact and very good in my grip. I have no fear of mishits on the handle and am confident that this bat will not break regardless of how much I and my teammates use it. The ball seems to jump off the bat and carries very well on solid contact.


Very happy with this bat. I was impressed seeing it on line but even more so when I received it. Quality of craftsmanship is second to none. First time through the line up over half the guys tried it and loved it. By the end of the game everybody tried it and complimented it. Other team was admiring it and asking about it as well. You can hear the solidness at impact and definitely feel the difference. Finish continues to hold up well. We are waiting to see how it holds and to determine if we want to buy another one. Highly recommend this bat!

Thanks for the great review Larry!
El Mejor

hola, el bat es genial, su forma su color su diseño la forma en pegarle a
la pelota es muy buena. el mejor bat que he utilizado.

Awesome bat

Yes, bats are expensive, with that in mind, this is the best wood bat I have ever purchased, I wish these had been available when I was playing baseball. It’s value lies in its clever design, the wedges of lamination create incredible strength, It would be pretty difficult to break this bat! It is also heavier than most other softball bats, a real plus. I highly recommend it. Get one, you won’t be sorry.

Thanks Gary! Enjoy it!

Tonight the ball was sailing off the fence. People using the bat love it, calling it sweetness. Some were thinking of buying one for themselves; they even took pictures of the bat.