Frequently Asked Questions -- Stuff That's Good to Know!

What is Swing Weight? What is MOI?

Don't bother weighing our bats because it won't tell you anything like it does on a conventional wood bat.  On the end of every Doogie, you'll find two numbers corresponding to the bat's swing weight and moment of inertia. Both numbers give you an idea of how the bat "feels" when you swing it. PowerWood™ bats are slightly heavier on the scale (thanks to its hickory handle) but feel exactly the same to swing as a regular wood bat with the marked swingweight (under the SW in the cup). MOI is similar to swing weight, but uses the bat's weight and its center-of-balance to calculate a number that is a more consistent indicator of how heavy or light the bat feels while swinging. The Powerwood bat's Swingweight is indexed to the "drop weight" of a regular P72 turning (Jeter).  This is right in the middle of the road as far as balance.  Try swinging a few regular wood bats in different swing weights before you buy. 

Do I need to hold the bat label up?

Nope. Hold it any way you want. We mill each piece of wood
so that the edge grain faces out, making a barrel that's super strong around its entire circumference. Swing away!

What is PowerWood™ Technology?

PowerWood Technology is our patented (7972229, 8409038) design and lamination process that we use to build the MacDougall PowerWood bats. It's a lengthy process that starts with sourcing select Hickory and Tanoak hardwood that is carefully checked for grain conformity and freedom from natural defects that could negatively affect the bat's strength. These hardwoods, in concert with our special laminating process, add unparalleled strength and stiffness to the bat, creating a a barrel that transmits more power to the ball and less into vibration.

What types of wood go into a Powerwood™ bat?

The handle is made of "true" Hickory and the barrel of Oregon Tanoak.  Tanoak is harder than maple, local, sustainable and beautiful. Harmon Killebrew and Hank Aaron, among others, swung Tanoak Oregon Slammers back in the 60's.

 What lengths and weights is the Powerwood available in?

The PowerWood adult barts are available in lengths from 31" to 34" in ½" increments and are in the -2 to -2.5  swingweight range so you can get the bat that fits you perfectly. For example, a 32½" minus 2 would feel exactly the same to swing as a 33 minus 3.  Youth bats are available from 27" to 31" and will be -5 to -5.5 in swingweight. 

 We believe that consistency is important.  If you buy a model and length from us two years after getting your first one, it will feel exactly the same as the first one.