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Who spends this amount of money on a wood bat? That is what my wife asked when it arrived. When I opened it, it looked more like a work of art than a piece of equipment. Now after 7 games and 32 at bats I am convinced it is a work of art! All contact is solid. Even being sawed off have resulted in bloop hits over first. Gappers are the norm and ground ball outs have some spice to them. More importantly, with the warranty, I swing hard and swing often trying to put the bat through it all.
So, who spends this amount of money on a wood bat? I do and I will gladly do it again IF this bat ever breaks!

Thanks Stephen. Nailed it!
Lots of Pop

As a dedicated Viper guy, I watched as one of my teammates dro
ve the baseball consistently with his new Doogie. Decided to give it a try and had the same results. Big sweet spot and consistently hit the ball harder and farther. Just may be a Doogie convert.

Thanks Greg! We're dedicated too. To performance, durability and customer service. Have fun with the Doogie!
I’m impressed

This bat is the best fungo available, Period! The fit, finish, and craftsmanship is nothing short of art. Seriously, it’s pretty enough you don’t want to hit it. However you would be missing the best part, because these have a phenomenal feel! Much more responsive then other fungos, easy to swing, large sweet spot, nice balance, and just plain enjoyable to hit.

Do yourself a favor, pay the extra and buy one!

Thanks Nic! Nothing like the joy of a good tool!
A wood bat with pop.

Bat is well crafted, beautiful, with all the pop advertised. Video is my son who is 15 and 118#. The hit not seen is 360' to left center.

Thanks Jeff. Right to the point!
Powerwood lives up to it's name!

My son, Liam, is a 5'11 and 130 lbs soaking wet, but you would never guess that he could consistently punch baseballs 280'+ to left center field. We are on our second MacDougall bat and have to give credit to the quality craftsmanship and weight balance of this bat. Thanks for bringing wood back to the game! 5 Stars!

Here is a quick video from this past weekend.

Wow Bob, I don't know what to say! Thank you so much, not only for the the great review and photos, but the the FANTASTIC video! We've never had a customer do a commercial for us. It's great and will be put to good use. Thanks again, John
Freakin' Awesome

Bat looks great, sounds great, feels great, even on off-centered hits. This bat has survived the longest for me this summer so far and helped me get more extra base hits than what I already used. Two thumbs up from me!

Thanks Charlie! That's what we do this for!
Nice grip.

This grip seems to hold up better than other originals and aftermarket. My son has used it in 4 tournaments now with no signs of wear.


I’ve had the B-52 for a few weeks now and I love the way It feels. The end load is nice and I’ve had no problems with the durability, taken a few off the end on offspeed pitches and it’s holding up nicely. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the knob, it’s a little small for me personally but other than that it’s perfect!

Thanks Trey!
Love the B52

We ordered my son a new B52 for my 16 yr old. He loves his new bat. He is having a great summer season. And, let me tell you about the great customer service! My son’s teammate broke his bat (not a macdougal) and we were playing back to back wood bat tournaments. John Macdougal was so awesome!!! We ordered a new bat and John was kind enough to ship a demonbat for us to use until our new bat could be built. Talk about phenomenal customer service!!

Thanks Patti. Glad Spencer is having a great season!

Love this stuff..not the fact you put it where you need it and not all over the bat...

Ditto. Good stuff.
Update M21

I said I would post again after a month of games. I don’t know if it’s possible, but in my head I feel like the more II use it the better it feels. I’m 48. I play in a midweek 18/over league. I went 4-4 2/2b 2/1b 4 rbis. The pitcher had speeds all over the place so i tried to let the ball travel a little more focusing on going oppo. I choke up a bit on my 32 1/2 and managed to catch a change up low and away. The ball just jumps off the bat. That hit was a nice line drive between the 1/2baseman. At 48 I’d be lying if I said anything other than I’m proud of the way I’m handling myself with the younger kids. Hitting is so mental, this bat is giving me the confidence to just focus on putting bat to ball. After a month I am hitting well. A few adjustments along with the lumber I’m very Happy. And I don’t have to worry about breaking this bat. I know it’s solid.

Ha! Thanks Joey! I see you're using ALL the barrel. That's what we made it for. More fun - less pain. Have a great summer.
Great bat!!

My son has only used it in 3 tournaments so far, but this one will be staying in the bat bag, not in the closet with the rest. Very solid and has great sound and pop. Huge sweet spot.

Nice! Thanks William. Happy to hear he's liking it!
Fungo with pop

This fungo has been a joy to use, good balance, length and pop. Worth the investment if you are a heavy user of the fungo to have a finely crafted instrument for the job.

Thanks Kyle. We concur!
Quality bat

Excellent, solid bat. I've got several of the Powerwood bats and they have a great feel and pop to them with the added confidence that they will hold up. I've been using them for several seasons with good durability in men's league play. The M-14 has a superior balance feel to it making it another great bat from MacDougall. I can verify that these bats have a great sound of the ball off of them.

Thanks Kyle. Have a great season!
All around top notch from customer service to excellent craftsmanship

The customer service john gives is above any other..this is my 2nd macdougall bat.. first one was a b52..the sound and pop off these bats is ridiculous....when my son is old enough he will be swinging a macdougall bat..when you receive your bat you wont want to use it..its to pretty

Thanks Allan. Enjoy!
Clean and mean

Great fungo! It is heavier than most, but it allows me to stay through balls. Great for infield and outfield. The craftsmanship is out of this world. Lots of players and coaches have been enamored by the bat because it is such a clean looking stick. Very happy with this product!

Thanks Dustin!
Great pop and durability

My 17 year old son has been using this bat for about a month or so now. He has probably hit close to 1,000 balls between the tee, soft toss and the games. The bat is still as solid as the day he got it. It's as close to aluminum as far as pop goes as compared to any wood bat he has used.

Thanks Carlos! Glad he likes it. And actually, it IS the same.

I ordered my first MacDougall bat for this season just to use something different since I can’t get the Demarini Sugar Daddy anymore. Ordered the B-52 and I absolutely love this bat! Has a great sweet spot, even if you take it off the inside you still drive the ball, hitting over .400 in my adult league. As long as your making them I’ll be buying from you for myself and my little ones as they get older. Here’s a pic of me at the Memorial Day Tournament in Las Vegas. Thanks guys for the sweet bat!

Thanks Jesse! We're happy that you found us too! Have a great season.

Very happy with this bat. I was impressed seeing it on line but even more so when I received it. Quality of craftsmanship is second to none. First time through the line up over half the guys tried it and loved it. By the end of the game everybody tried it and complimented it. Other team was admiring it and asking about it as well. You can hear the solidness at impact and definitely feel the difference. Finish continues to hold up well. We are waiting to see how it holds and to determine if we want to buy another one. Highly recommend this bat!

Thanks for the great review Larry!
Great compliment to an amazing bat.

Great feel, tack and look. Grip is perfect thickness added to the bat handle. No need for additional tack or grip substance. Requested installation with purchase of a bat and very happy with how it was installed. Highly recommend.

Best bat ever

This is the best wood bat ever, hands down and I've tried them all

Another awesome bat

My dad bought a new B-52 last fall, awesome, I got a 360’ homer with it today in a PG tournament, awesome feel, awesome pop, love this thing. It’s the 2nd one I’ve got, best wood bats out there. Everyone else's bats break, not this one, most of the team uses my bat now. Thx guys for making a great durable bat.

Thanks Aidan. Congrats on the dinger! I'm sure there's plenty more of those in the beast. Have a great summer.
Worked like a charm

After struggling to find a wood bat with the right balanced feel, based on the reviews we decided to give the M14 a shot for my son who just finished his freshman season. Worked like a charm. There was an immediate difference in production from other wood bats. After hitting two shots in his first two at bats last game, two of his teammates tried it out and also hit the ball much better. A noticeable difference from the mass produced bats.

Thanks Aaron. I'm glad to hear you're son is liking his new bat. People are learning our 'Craft Brewed' wood beats all the 'Budweiser' brands all day long! Have a great summer.
Awesoem Bat

My 15 year old son has one and loves it. Very smooth and swings really well. We have 3-4 wood bats lying around and this is by far the best one.

Thanks George. The 'best' is how we roll! :-)
The Beginning

Son just got this beast. He loves it swing is solid End load is way better than big label bat and the crack win he hits is great

It is a sweet sound! Have a great season.