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Good Grip

Very duarable

MacDougall makes wood bats like a BOSS!

These four bats survived a 30 game 15U summer schedule and have become everyday bats in the cage with THOUSANDS of swings on them. Smooth swinging with a ton of pop. We're looking forward to another summer with MacDougall as a trusted partner. We might even have some kids that can swing a B-52 this summer! - BOSS Baseball

Thanks Andy! We better get busy with some B-52's!
The Road to 100/400

Best Wood Bat on the market. Second time using his new M21, my 16 year old son hit a ball 96 mph and 397 feet.
With pitchers in the high 80's to low 90's and exit velo in the mid 90's, you will break a few bats each season -- unless it is a MacDougall.
If you are sick of buying multiple bats each year or sick of your son breaking a bat in game and having to borrow a teammates backup bat, there is no other choice.
This bat can take a beating in the cage all winter and as you can see, this bat can launch the ball.

Thanks Dennis. Couldn't have said it better myself. I lived through the same 'pain points' and it inspired me to invent this bat. Have fun with it.
Just awesome

Outstanding craftsmanship and quality... super impressed with this bat... great feel and pop...and the name engraving makes for an amazing personalized gift...if you’re on the fence about getting one of these bats just get one... you won’t regret it...and the tuff grip is awesome too!

Thanks Aaron. That's great advice! :-)
What a bat!

The coolest looking bat you’ll ever see. And I guarantee the best you’ll ever buy. True craftsmanship. Probably hit 500-700 balls a week at BP for the past two months, not one problem. Awesome sound. 12U player, 31”.

Thanks Tripp! Sounds like someone is puttin' in the work! Enjoy. John
Fungo bat

Love this fungo! Feels really good in the hands, well balanced and the ball jumps off the bat. One of the best fungos I've ever had. When I need another you'll be hearing from me.

Thanks Michael. Best 'tool of the trade'! Enjoy
Best wood bats in the game!

I bought two bats for my boys both are 33” with the flared handle. They love the balance and contact of the barrel. Definitely will buy more bats in the future.

Thanks Joey! It looks like you have a 'matched pair' so that's what I tried to send you. Have fun with 'em. John
MacDougall Believer!

I have 7 MacDougall’s! M-Series, B-Series and the fungo. They are the best bats made. I really like my 2 all Hickory bats. Both are 34” B-series weighing 41oz and 36oz. Huge pop with these hickory barrels. 2 of my teammates ordered the B-Series after I started swinging the all hickory last season. And, John is the him and talk bats.

Thanks Carl! That's what we make 'em for. All fun and no disappointment. We live to make baseball players smile every time they step in the box.
Very Satisfied 👀 🤩

Sweet custom bat, John was superb to deal with, communication was hands down the best around. Crimson was a new color for Macdougall. #GoCougs.

Thanks Craig. Enjoy and bang away!
Get a Grip

The Vulcan bat grip is great. Feels better than Lizard Skin brand...and cheaper too.


I just received the bat. I got it for my son for Christmas so he hasn’t used it yet. But I am in awe. What a piece of art. Absolutely stunning bat. Can’t wait to see him try it out.

Thank you very much Christopher. I can't wait for him to try it out either. That's when his eyes will REALLY light up!
Can I just say 👏 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I borrowed my long time baseball brothers M14 a few weeks back as I've been in a slump and was searching for answers and the Baum just wasn't singing. At 36 I hit my first ever wood bat home run, needless to say I now own 2 M14's of my own and I'm batting 1.000 since. Beyond happy with your product.

Thanks Tim! We appreciate the kudos from 'down unda'! Hopefully more dingers coming your way.
Good Grip

Works as good as the "other" brand that you see in the big box stores.............but costs less.

Funny how that works, eh? Thanks Scott.

My son really likes the bat. He says it feels lighter than he expected. He has used it in the cage and off some live BP can’t wait for some games. He likes the tuff grip also.

Thanks Michael! Check, and check!
M 14

This is the second m14 that my son has. He loves the feel of them. Half of the team swings his bat. We bought the second one just for a backup. He was worried that one of his buddies might break it throwing back in the dugout. So just to make him feel better I bought another. Thanks for a great product.

Shane watterberg.

Glad to hear your son (and his team mates) loves our bats! Although, it gives us the heeby jeebys to hear about them being thrown. Good thing we put the toughest finish made on 'em! :-)
Great feel and pop

I've only used it in a couple games now, but the bat feels awesome. Very solid. Love the fact that I can roll the bat (don't have to label it every time). The barrel is a bit smaller than my maple bats - I thought that may make a difference, but it didn't. Love the bat.

Thanks Scott! Glad you're enjoying it. About barrel size, please read this and you'll understand why there's no difference.
Great Bat

I can only say good things. Starting with the office they did nothing but the best customer service. Working with me and answering all my questions and making sure I was taken care of. Using the bat seemed flawless. It felt so balanced even one of my other players said the same thing. Swinging it was outstanding it felt solid with every hit.

Before I had purchased the bat I checked with a few friends of mine to get a personal review and the first thing they said "I would not be disappointed". They were 100 % correct.

I will be buying another bat here soon!! And would recommend to everyone.

Shane (Adult Baseball)

Wow, thanks for the great review Shane, much appreciated. Although, you probably won't need another one 'soon' unless you're talking about a different model or size! :-)

After countless hours of research, ordered the M-14 for an upcoming wood tournament for my son. He had the opportunity to use it in a few games this weekend, and he loves it!

The quality and attention to detail is amazing.

Also love the fact that I called the company with questions and the OWNER answered, not some "customer service" representative from another country. Great bat, great product. Highly recommend this bat and MacDougall!

Thanks Jerry! Glad to hear your son loves the bat. Innovation, quality AND customer service are all important to us! Enjoy.
Best bat ever.

I bought the Powerwood-21 for my 13 year old. According to him The Powerwood-21 is the best bat he’s ever had. Great feel,great balance and awesome pop. Unbelievable craftsmanship as well.

Thanks Peter! We hope he has a lot of fun with it.
Tuff Grip

My son likes the Tuff Grip very much

Best bat I’ve ever owned. My kids aren’t allowed near it! 😃

Aye! :-)



Vulcan grip is sweet! better and cheaper than the lizard skin, probably will last longer as well.

Thanks Alan!

BEAUTIFUL bat. Scared to even hit with it🤪 Worth every cent! Thanks for making such a great weapon😉

Make it sing, Tanner!

Bought this for my 12 year old who's moving up to the big boy field. He loves this bat, the sound, the feel, the pop. Consistently driving the ball much further than the older kids using metal, even snuck 1 over the fence at 315'.

Ha! Love it! Thanks Alan, that's what we love to hear. Enjoy.