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PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Thomas Massi (Sloughhouse, US)
Giving it a try

My son is a huge hitter, when it comes to wood he’s typically swinging a Vic or a DeMarini , but he loves this bat , his warm up swings were going 300 - great feel and sound - solid with nice pop - very impressed

Thanks for taking the time Thomas. Surprise upgrade! Enjoy and I hope Ethan has a great season.

Great bat

Beautifully made bat. Feels great to swing. This my first wood bat and I love it.

Thank you Havana! Enjoy baseball the way it was meant to be played!

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Curt Carter (Winder, US)
Beautiful Bat

My son and I love the look and feel of this bat. He has hit with it a couple times at training and I have hit balls to him at practice and love the feel of the bat and it hits very solid without any vibrations.

Thanks so much Curt! Enjoy real 'wood bat baseball' with your son!

Awesome Bats

You guys make the best bat I've ever swung. I'll keep buying your bats even IF I break one.

Thanks Brian! Cheers to you!

Jerry J. (Bend, US)
Best Coaches Gifts Ever!

We purchased two Fungomatics for our travel ball coaches this season and they LOVED IT! What a perfect and thoughtful gift versus the old gift card to a sporting goods store... We worked with John to come up with the best engraving and he took some artistic liberty that was perfectly matched with our ideas. Our coaches now have these awesome treasures to keep for a lifetime. Thank you for such amazingly built and beautiful fungos!

Cheers Jerry! Enjoy!

Terrific quality

SSIA!!!!! Thanks so much!!

You're Welcome so much!!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Frank LaRuffa (Bend, US)

I like the bat a lot sounds great hits the ball hard with great pop. Thank you

Thanks Frank! Have fun with it this year. Maybe next year too and the one after that! :-)

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Steven Scalzo (Harrah, US)
Amazing Craftsmanship!

Extraordinary craftsmanship in the construction of this bat. The wood is so uniquely put together. Beautiful! My 9 year old grandson loves it. The only problem is his coaches bat shame him for not using an aluminum bat. They all try to say he will have more pop and his bat speed will be better for smacking the ball if he uses aluminum. They want him to use the wood for cage work and aluminum for games. We fight this every year. Jake would rather use a wooden bat. Although all the other boys on the team use aluminum, they are all enamored by his wooden bats but their parents want them to use aluminum. Jakes private batting coach says it is more important to let him use what he likes. Jake likes wood and loves this bat. I believe I will be ordering another color shortly.

Thanks so much Steven. I'm with his hitting coach. The rest just don't know what they are talking about and have been brainwashed by the 'Chinese metal bat' companies. Click on the link to see another dad who had same problem. The kid shut them up pretty quick-LOL
Don't let adults (who don't know anything) steal baseball from your grandson!

Excellent quality and customer service

Great bat and great people to work with. 100% will recommend to friends and family!

Thank you Ashlynn! Have a great 'Baseball Year'.

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Jeff Ernat (Chicago, US)
Could be a wall hanger

This bat is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing. It hits like a tank. My son loves it!

Thanks for taking the time Jeff! Greatly appreciated! Enjoy baseball with your son.

Home Plate Cutting Board
Teresa Scamehorn (Traverse City, US)
Cutting board

I love my cutting board. I have not actually cut on it but it make an awesome charcuterie board.

Thanks Teresa! Enjoy!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Caitlyn Bryant (Show Low, US)
Great Bat

I was told about Macdougall by my brother and he was sure my son would like it. The way it feels when swinging and when hitting. My son said there is no better feeling that when he hits the ball square with his Macdougall

Thanks Caitlyn! Glad he's enjoying it. Cheers!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Peter Greenbush (Lyndonville, US)
Best Bat I have ever owned

I found MacDougall bats online and read through their story and decided to give them a shot as I have had not much luck buying bats that have lasted. I have made two purchases. The first Bat was the Power M Series M-14 32 1/2" with a tuff grip. This bat is wonderful. My only words of advice are, do not use this grip if you do not wear batting gloves. The grip is definitely aggressive and will tear your hands up after one BP session. Have probably taken over 500 swings and still is just as it was when I received it. The second bat i purchased was Powerwood M series Balanced M-21 33" with Lizard skins grip. This Bat is also wonderful. I have nothing about this bat to say other than you are crazy not to own one. This bat also has roughly 500+ swings and also is just as it was when I received it! I Play in an adult baseball league in my county and had 3 more of my teammates start their orders. the bat speaks for itself.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this great review Peter! Here's to having a great season!

Home Plate Cutting Board
J.C. (Paso Robles, US)
Christmas score!

Big hit with with my wife for Christmas!
She says it is too nice for cutting on. The home plate cutting board is for fancy food service only.

Thanks James. Enjoy!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Tsung-Hsuan Yang (Arlington, US)
I bought the 2nd MacDougall bat!!!

Last August I bought an M-21 32/29.9 MacDougall bat. I bought the bat because:

1. It looks beautiful!
2. It is durable!

I was transitioning from metal bats to wood bats. I was worried that the wood bats would be too heavy. Despite a drop 2.1 instead of 3, it doesn't feel as heavy as I thought. Another good thing is that it feels like a one-piece wood bat. I once used B**m Bat; it was nothing wrong. It just doesn't feel like a one-piece real wood bat (probably because only a small outer layer is wood).

I once broke the bat because I couldn't always hit the sweet spot (I was transitioning from metal bats). I sent the bat back to the company, and the warranty was honored! Therefore, I need to add the 3rd point:

3. Warranty is real!

Last December I decided to buy a B-10 34/32 MacDougall bat because I hope to use a heavier bat to train my bat speed. So far so good. The only question is I forgot to choose another barrel so now both bats' barrels are clear. At the first glance they look the same! I should have chosen another color, but the wood natural color is simply beautiful! Hopefully now I am more accurate so I won't break it soon. I love MacDougall bats!!!

Thanks Tsung-Hsuan! Different grip color maybe? Enjoy.

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Martin DeHaven (Beaumont, US)
Awesome bat!

We bought one for my 10 year old grandson and one for the the team. All the boys love the bat.

That's great to hear. Thank you Martin!

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
ALEXANDER AFARI (West Hollywood, US)
work of heart

beautiful bat. incredibly turned.

Thank you Alexander. Enjoy our heart!

Cage Pro Classic Batting Tee
Trevor Gildea (Charleston, US)
Top Quality

This is a really nice tee for all ages. Quality is obvious and I’m looking forward to decades of use with my son.

Thanks Trevor,
Enjoy baseball with your son!

MacDougall Logo Hat
Jon Lombardo (Norton, US)
Best Hat in the rotation. Logo Hat

This hat has quickly become my favorite. The logo is awesome and people are always asking what it’s about.
Best hat in the rotation.

Thanks Jon! We like 'em too!

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Don MacDougall (Collierville, US)
A Mac for my mini Mac

My 11-year old loves his K-3. We've been using it all off-season to help him hone in on the sweet spot, and prepare for the upcoming season. We'll try and get into some wood bat tournaments so he can use it in game. It has a lot more pop than his previous maple wood bat. And he loves the sound when he really connects.
And we love keeping it all in the family.
Thanks, cousins.
-Don MacDougall

Thanks Don. Actually, there's no reason he can't swing it in the 'non' wood bat games. The performance is the same. He can swing what he enjoys more! Slainte!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Phil Seguin (Elyria, US)
Early but love it so far

I bought the M series for my 16 year old son to use as a practice bat over the winter. I hope that he likes it enough to make it his gamer. He has only had it in the cages a couple times and we hit wiffles in the basement. He swings it well and says that it feels very balanced. His exit velo off a tee is actually slightly higher with the "Doogie" compared to his composite bat. I suspect this is because he squares on the ball better with the smaller diameter "Doogie" compared to his 2 5/8 composite bat. The craftsmanship and service are phenomenal. This may be a coincidence but his summer ball coach singled him out in practice this weekend for excellent swing mechanics. This was the first batting session that he used the "Doogie" nothing else had

Thanks so much for taking the time Phil. Just so you know, BBCOR 'means' wood. No reason to swing that other stuff! Cheers.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
chris garcia (Blue Point, US)

Lizard Skins Bat Grip

Home Plate Cutting Board
Michael Hucks (Mullins, US)
Home plate cutting board

Top notch construction and fit and finish

That's the only way we do things! Thanks!

MacDougall Logo Hat
Andrew Mendez (Mead, US)

MacDougall Logo Hat

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Robert Anderson (Bend, US)
The bat still hasn’t broken!!!!

My son has been using these bats in his wood bat leagues since he was 15. Had to move up to a bigger one two years ago. Best on the market. Thank you❤️

Thanks Robert. Happy New Year!