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Great bat

Hits very hard and solid hits love it

Thanks Daynon. I hope #22 has a lot of fun with it!

Worth It

I got mine a few months ago and it is totally worth the extra cost. Based on my experience and that of the other dudes I coach with, fungos in general break pretty easily. I can't see myself ever snapping this MacDougall - it's solid. Oh yeah ... it's also beautiful and sounds great.

Thank you Thomas! It's NICE to have good tools..

Piece of artwork

Hits well, very pleased.

Thanks Jon. We like pleased!

Love the bat!
Sounds great and has a solid feel to it!
Well done!

Thanks for taking the time Jeff. Have a great summer.


Great bat. Good sound off the batt and good swing feel!

Cheers Michael. Make it sing!

Best bat.

The bat feels and looks amazing. The balance is spot on and you just cannot beat the 1 year warranty.

We appreciate you taking the time Matthew. Cheers!

Great bar!

My son loves it!

Thanks Karrie. That's what we like to hear! Hope he has a great year.

First game hit with wood.

After tons of BP my son decided to break out the wood...line drive up the all our kids want to get one. Model M 10. Nothing like the sweet sound of wood. 3 out of last 4 tournaments.

Thanks Aaron! Always nice to hear people are figuring out that metal bats have nothing on our Powerwood! Have a great season.

Powerwood bat repair

First of all, the customer service continues to be stellar. John and his sons should be proud of the company they have built. My son has 2 Powerwood bats that he’s used extensively over the past 5 years in tournaments, practices, showcases, wood bat league, and just recently this was the first time he had broken one. We sent pictures of the crack to the company; and, they said it was a perfect candidate for repair. Upon return, the repair is completely flawless. Unless you knew where the original crack was, you wouldn’t be able to find it. Happy to report that the bat is back in action and looking forward to sending more vids of balls leaving the yard off this “new” bat !

Thanks Lance! Our 'cats' may not have 9 lives, but they sure have more than one. :-)


Bought this bat for my 11 year old. He uses it in little league and a travel ball team. Loves the bat and has been crushing ball's with it,uses it more than his aluminum bat.

Thanks Ernie! That's great to hear. We call it 'The bat to bring America back to wood'.

Great Bat

My boy absolutely loves the bat. Beautifully made!

Thanks Richard. I hope your son has a ton of fun with it!

Awesome Fungo!

I really enjoy using my new MacDougall FUNGOMATIC Fungo Bat! First, it looks super sharp and the lizard skin bat grip that was put on it is awesome! The ball jumps off the bat and carries well with not much effort on my part! I highly recommend this bat to anyone that wants a high quality fungo bat that is easy to swing and delivers great performance!

Thank you so much Adam! Have a great season!

Beautiful bat

The most beautiful bat I've ever seen. Almost didn't want to swing it. I ordered the balanced 33" and it feels so much lighter than any other bat I own.

Thanks Jamie. Please swing it a lot! :-)


My son loves his new bat and the balance is great!

Thanks Andrew! Love is good!

What we needed

Great bat it’s working out great for us in the batting box.

Great to hear Richard. Have fun out there!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat

Thanks Troy!

Line Drive MLC #20

Very satisfied with weight & power generated with the bat. The 32.5 length is perfect for me.

Thanks Mike. 'Perfect for you' is all that matters!

Great wooden bat!

My 11 year old son is playing in his first wooden bat league this year and he loves the bat. Great pop, solid construction and simply a beautiful piece or wood. He says in practice all the other boys want to use it and they love it as well. Many bats have already broken in practices and the Macdougall is holding strong!

Thanks Chase! That's great. Enjoy baseball with your son. It goes by quick!

Small company. Big service!

Everything is awesome with the company and the product. The owner sent a long personal response regarding cleaning the bat from all the ball marks. This bat sounds and feels amazing on every hit. Don't buy from big corporations that outsource their quality control and support this American family business!

Thanks for the kind words Josiah! The Golden Rule is at the heart of what we do! Enjoy.

Love the bat .

Love the bat but the handle doesn’t work for me due to my last finger being amputated....

Impressive Fungo

I have owned many Fungo's in the past and this is by far the best I have had. The craftsmen ship and look of this bat is amazing it truly looks like a custom made bat. The combination of the Beech and tan Oak make for a solid bat, it is definitely harder than the previous Fungo's I have been using. The ball seems to jump off this bat and carry deep to the out field with little effort.

Thanks Tim. We like to hear we're making coaches work more enjoyable! Enjoy!


I could not be happier with what just arrived on my doorstep.

For all the coaches out there who dedicate their time, you need to give yourself a "thank you." A MacDougall Fungo is a great way to do that.

Now, full disclosure, I haven't hit with the thing yet. However, every fungo I've ever purchased snaps within three to five swings. Having had a look at this MacDougall, my common sense tells me this one will last longer. I'll circle back with another review if I experience something different.

Thanks Thomas! We're sure you'll be happy after you hit with it too. Enjoy

Powerwood B-52 34in 32oz

My new favorite bat brand!!! Get one if you can!!

Well, you're our new favorite customer! :-) Cheers. Enjoy the Beast!

Love it

Wood quality and choice had a baby with perfect weight distribution and the child's name is MacDougal. AMAZINGNESS HAPPENS IN BEND, OR!

Thanks Luke!

Great bat and grip

Thank yo mcdougall for getting the bat on time for christmas!Great bat with tons of pop and the lizard skin is great to!

Thank YOU Dylan. Enjoy!