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Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Michael Lynch (Birmingham, US)
Great bay!

We’ve been using it for bp- it’s a little heavier and has really helped my sons bay speed with out messing up his swing

Thanks Michael! Now take it outside to compare and see it shine! Cheers.

Home Plate Cutting Board
Mike Carstensen (Almira, US)
If You want to hit the Home Run

If you want to hit a home run, get the home plate cutting board. I got this for my wife for Mother's Day and WOW. I hit a home run with her. Look at this cutting/serving board high quality and supreme detail to attention. So hit a Home Run , and be Safe at home with this home plate. Thanks MacDougall and sons for the Home Run.
again thanks Mike Carstensen

Thanks Mike! Enjoy. And remember - There's no place like home!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Arthur Keegan (Wrentham, US)

Fantastic bat. Love it

Thank you Arthur! To the point! Have fun out there.

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Jr Cougs Baseball (Bend, US)
MacDougall bats rock!

Our Juniors program purchased multiple bats. They did not disappoint. Great feel, weight distribution and sweet spot. Not to mention the customization for our program. Highly recommend for any age level.

Thanks so much. We love to see kids swingin' wood! ⚾⚾

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
brian koriner (Los Angeles, US)
great feel

Couldnt believe the pop in this wood bat. Minimal vibration. Just a great feel.

Thanks Brian! You nailed it! Have a great season ⚾⚾

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Jim Gross (New York, US)
Throw away your scale!

32½" End loaded has the balance and feel of a 30 ounce bat, the secret is the hickory handle has the major part if the weight! Couldn't be happier! Bat has excellent pop! Bought the clear coat, almost too pretty to use!

Thanks Jim! Yep, you figured it out. No need for a 'puck' knob on our bats. The balance point is already move back toward your hands. We love physics!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Brent Joens (Edinburg, US)
Gorgeous Bat!

The deep red color on the barrel of the bat is incredible! The craftsmanship of this bat is unrivaled! I have hit wooden bats for 30 years and I have never had a better experience hitting a baseball. The sound is so deep and crisp at contact, that I get excited waiting for the next pitch. I bought the bat for my 14-year-old son and he gets angry when i take it from him. Guess I'm going to have to buy another bat.....Darn. Keep creating the magic guys!

Thanks so much for the great review Brent! We're here when you're ready. ⚾

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Mike Noecker (Philadelphia, US)
Best of the Best

From someone who has bought into all the hype…. We don’t have to name names here…. When your competition’s only knock is “it’s not usable in the MLB” (yet), you know you’ve got the right stick in your hands. Unparalleled craftsmanship, strength, AND warranty, with customer service like you’ll never find with “them” (Seriously…the owner, and guy who literally spun these bats, is messaging you. You’re at the right place.) Let’s face it folks…. If all you ever do with your wood bat is learn to hit properly in the cage, it’s worth its weight in gold. You’ve found the right place. Now choose your weapon…and go hunt.

Wow Mike, thank you so much. James Michener couldn't have said it any better. We hope Jake has a great year in baseball! ⚾⚾

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
James Faulk (Cornelia, US)
Quality and Performance

With already over 100 swings on the bat, the performance is unbelievable. The bat has great pop and the sound is on point. The feel is great combined with the models swing weight. Best performing multipiece wood bat I've ever swung.

Thanks for the great feedback James. Almost time to get on the field where it really shines (like the sun will too, I hope). Have a great season!

Joseph diMonda (Sykesville, US)
I don't like the grip I wouldn't call it terrible

I'm not a fan of the grip. It's not to say it's a bad grip, I'm just not a fan. Without batting gloves it'll cut through my fingers. It's too thick. I'm cutting it off.

Thanks for the feedback Joseph. Sorry it wasn't your cup of tea. While a lot of people won't use anything else, the newest version (shipping soon) has a 'softer' feel to it.

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Mike Noll (Surprise, US)
Fantastic bat, even better service

I was breaking Baum bats consistently and unfortunately broke one right before a season started. We reached out and mentioned the situation we were in and the owner himself made my bat as a rush order and made sure I got it in time for the season. The bat itself is gorgeous and swings incredibly well. Finding barrels has no noticeable difference in pop vs the LS 243's or the Baum's I had experience with. an added bonus is the logo is pretty darn cool. Overall a great bat and experience with them, I would recommend this to anyone need a solid wood bat that won't break.

Thanks so much for the kind words Mike! We hope you have a great season! Have fun out there.

Sword Man Front Logo Tee
Mike Noll (Los Angeles, US)
Best bat logo ever.

Great T-shirt, but really, its all about the awesome logo!

Thanks Mike. We agree!

Alex (Riverside, US)

Excellent fungo. Awesome. Thank you.

Thanks Alex! Your second one is in process!

Beautiful bat. Plenty of distance

The first time out I tossed one up to myself and it just cleared the 320ft fence. Great sound, great look, great performance.

Nice!! Thanks Randy. Just wait til you square one up pitched to you! Enjoy.

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Michael Bright (Fairfax, US)
Don’t believe the hype. This bat SURPASSES it.

This bat has exceeded my expectations. I have only had it for 3 weeks, and have yet to play a game with it, but I have taken it to the cage for tons of hacks. The barrel has a big sweet spot and I am looking forward to wreaking havoc in my men’s league with it.

Wow, thanks for the great feedback Michael! Out on the field is where they really shine. Have a great season!
PS. Hope your camera is ok

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Anthony Gizzi (New York, US)
By Far the Best Bat

This is amazing! I can only say the quality of this bat is off the chart. Absolutely well made, the sound when the ball makes when coming off this wood is like no other. very happy, will be buying another soon. thank you

Thank you for your kind words Anthony! We are glad to hear that you are pleased with the Bat. Have fun this season!

Lizard Skins ULTRA Bat Grip
Terence James (Colorado Springs, US)
Great bat wrap

Very stylish and comfortable while hitting no sting at all.

Thanks Terence!

Andrew (Champaign, US)
It’s a great bat!!

I received this as a gift and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. The grip feels great too. Excited to try it out.

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Elias Corona (Riverside, US)
Love this bat!!!

I'm very happy with my MacDougall Bat. It has a great feel, great pop, and is soft on the hands. The swing feels very smooth, and the customer service was awesome. The bat arrived in a timely manner and very well packaged. The communication from MacDougall was great and they responded to emails very quickly.

Thanks Elias! Welcome to the Team!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Terence James (Colorado Springs, US)
OH MY!!!!

I received my Dougie today and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I went right to the batting cage and hit with it and boy does the ball jump off the bat and the sound!!!! Can’t wait for the season to start so I can hit some dingers!!! Thank you! I will be buying another soon

Thanks Terry! The season will come soon. Enjoy!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Tim Hendricks (Owensboro, US)
Great bat!

My 14yo son loves his bat. He hits with it daily in the cage and can't wait to get out on the field with it. Very balanced feel & great sound when barreling one up! Truly is a piece of art.

Thank you Tim! Happy to hear Gunnar is loving it. On the field is where it really shines!

Peter Stumpf (Pittsburgh, US)
Good bat

Nice bat. As good as any wooden bat I have tried. Kind of pricy but when you see the craftsmanship invested in the finished product you can see why. Tuffgrip is A+. Good sounding bat if you are into that sort of thing.

Thanks Peter! It will continue to 'grow' on you over time as you come to know it better. It's a long term relationship. ⚾

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Will Simmen (Austin, US)
Great bat

My son loves the bat and uses it every day to do tee work. Highly recommend.

Thanks again Will! Wait until Dane gets on the field with it! Cheers.

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Blakley Stone (Johnson City, US)
Solid Bat

Solid bat. It is constructed well and hits it a ton.

Thanks Blakley! That pretty much sums it up. ✔⚾

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Blaine Causey (Redmond, US)
Loud Thunder

Great feel and weight with the end loaded design. Customization is awesome and it looks great. Only used in cage so far but love how it sounds off the barrel. Looking forward to this spring on the diamond.

Thanks Blaine, spring will be here before we know it! Enjoy