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MacDougall Logo Hat
Jon Lombardo (Norton, US)
Best Hat in the rotation. Logo Hat

This hat has quickly become my favorite. The logo is awesome and people are always asking what it’s about.
Best hat in the rotation.

Thanks Jon! We like 'em too!

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Don MacDougall (Collierville, US)
A Mac for my mini Mac

My 11-year old loves his K-3. We've been using it all off-season to help him hone in on the sweet spot, and prepare for the upcoming season. We'll try and get into some wood bat tournaments so he can use it in game. It has a lot more pop than his previous maple wood bat. And he loves the sound when he really connects.
And we love keeping it all in the family.
Thanks, cousins.
-Don MacDougall

Thanks Don. Actually, there's no reason he can't swing it in the 'non' wood bat games. The performance is the same. He can swing what he enjoys more! Slainte!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Phil Seguin (Elyria, US)
Early but love it so far

I bought the M series for my 16 year old son to use as a practice bat over the winter. I hope that he likes it enough to make it his gamer. He has only had it in the cages a couple times and we hit wiffles in the basement. He swings it well and says that it feels very balanced. His exit velo off a tee is actually slightly higher with the "Doogie" compared to his composite bat. I suspect this is because he squares on the ball better with the smaller diameter "Doogie" compared to his 2 5/8 composite bat. The craftsmanship and service are phenomenal. This may be a coincidence but his summer ball coach singled him out in practice this weekend for excellent swing mechanics. This was the first batting session that he used the "Doogie" nothing else had

Thanks so much for taking the time Phil. Just so you know, BBCOR 'means' wood. No reason to swing that other stuff! Cheers.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
chris garcia (Blue Point, US)

Lizard Skins Bat Grip

Home Plate Cutting Board
Michael Hucks (Mullins, US)
Home plate cutting board

Top notch construction and fit and finish

That's the only way we do things! Thanks!

MacDougall Logo Hat
Andrew Mendez (Mead, US)

MacDougall Logo Hat

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Robert Anderson (Bend, US)
The bat still hasn’t broken!!!!

My son has been using these bats in his wood bat leagues since he was 15. Had to move up to a bigger one two years ago. Best on the market. Thank you❤️

Thanks Robert. Happy New Year!

MacDougall Logo Hat
Alexander Macdougall (Columbia, US)
MacDougall Baseball Cap

Great service and cap! I'm proud to wear it!

Tapadh Leat! Slainte!

Home Plate Cutting Board
William Ballard (Peachtree Corners, US)
Highest Quality !

Buy one. You will love it.

Thanks William. Enjoy!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Bob D (Mineral Ridge, US)
Love it, so I hear

My son has been using it at his teams hitting practice. It’s indoor but he loves it. The sound and feel has been great. So he tells me. He says the 18u guys turn and look at him when he’s hitting with it.

Thank you Bob! Spread the Love! :-)

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Derek Armstrong (Dallas, US)

Opened it, beautiful, but haven’t given it to son yet. Cannot wait until after Christmas for him to swing it. Assuming like the other two!

Thanks Derek. Exactly like the other bats you have! Feel free to send us an 'opening' pic. That would be great! Enjoy.


Looks great. Delivered on time.

Cheers! Enjoy!

Bernard Recio (Corona, US)
Fungo Bat

I purchased the fungo bat because the powerwood my son uses is excellant per his feedback. I've used the fungo bat myself for my boys workouts and it's only been used twice. My thought is that I need to break the bat in a bit more because the odd issues I have is that I do get vibration at times and other times I don't feel anything. I'll respond back in a couple of months if I don't see a change. Thanks.

Thanks for taking the time Bernard. Wood bats do not require any 'break in'. But, fungos do require getting used to throwing the ball up further from your body so that you catch it on the barrel. Personally, I never used fungos but my batmaker/coach son does all the time. If you catch the ball a little too close, it will vibrate, like any wood bat.

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
William Price (Winston-Salem, US)
Great bat!

Great bat!

Thanks William!

Off-season review

Just got my bat about a month ago and have hit a few times with it. It's amazing looking, just as I expected from the website pictures.
Unfortunately no in-game use until next year, but it feels great so far. Ball still travels well even with miss hits.

I have the Bseries model and it definitely doesn't feel too end loaded or heavy to swing. I broke 6 bats this past year and based on some bp, I don't expect to be breaking this one.

Thanks Cody. You'll be ready when the season rolls around. With all the money you save you can go out for a whole bunch of steak dinners!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Jerome Cozart (Portland, US)
Great bat!

Jake picked this bat as part of his transition to BBCOR. He's 13U, but will be playing some 14U games in the Spring and Summer. He starts high school in the Fall. He loves the sound of wood. Even though this bat is a bit heavier (32 -2) than his older practice bat, it swings lighter. Being in Oregon, we won't get back outside until early March. He's working in the cages now. The clear finish is fantastic, and with the year breakage warranty, we expect to just adjust size and weight over the next couple of years.

Thanks Jerome! Jake will be a beast in the spring! Enjoy

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
daynon basham (Medford, US)
Best wood bats ever made

Some of the best people you could ever work with,very kind service some of the best carpenters around!!!! A+++++++

Thank you for taking the time Daynon! We appreciate it.

Great customer service! Very happy with the bats an T” I purchased.

Great to hear Travis. Thank you very much!

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Jeff Smith (Quail Valley, US)
love it

Has a really good, balanced swing weight. When I make solid contact, it really has a ton of pop.

Thanks Jeff! Have a ton of fun with it!

My son LOVES this bat!

I ordered this bat on a whim since my 16 year old son had broken his last wood bat in a tournament a week prior. Once this bat arrived we took it straight to batting practice to see how he liked it. He didn't just like it, he LOVED it. He loves the balanced swing weight, and said that it swings pretty light for it's actual weight. The craftsmanship is amazing and this bat is gorgeous! Our experience with the customer service from ordering to shipment was flawless and we had great communication. This is a great company and we will be back. Thank you!

Thanks so much Zach! You are now an honorary member of Clan MacDougall! :-) Enjoy.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Jack Gould (Avon Lake, US)
Very Nice

Great feel with or without batting gloves. Arrived already applied to my new bats. I will definitely include the grips with future orders.

Thanks Jack. Keep a grip on it! :-)


My son uses this bat to train with and a great cold weather option. He loves the feel.

Thanks Kelly. He'll really love it when it warms up and he can hit with it on a nice green field! Cheers.

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Edward Sawtelle (Ellerslie, US)
Amazing bats and customer service

This is my second bat from MacDougall. Same type of bat the previous bat lasted 3 years and was a hero until the end. Amazing pop and durability. The customer service was amazing also. When ordering and talking about possible fix, they were quick and knowledgeable.

Thanks so much Edward. We appreciate it!

Sword Man Front Logo Tee
Bob Devine (Minneapolis, US)
Awesome shirt

Great quality. Fits well in arms. Shirt gives me a chance to tell people about the greatest wooden bat out there and one kids can use with confidence with metal bat type handle

Thank you Bob. Wear it with pride, lad!

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Kenny Hefflefinger (Denver, US)
Great bat and wrap

Love it