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See what the players who have discovered our bats have to say about them and why they keep coming back. All verified buyers.  Our biggest fear is that people will think they're fake!  The fact is, we could put you in touch with any reviewer here.



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Power wood
Thanks David. A great bat without great service is like a day without sunshine! :-)
The one and Only.....
Thanks Troy! Enjoy!
Loving the B52
Thanks Sean. Crush with the Beast!
Excellent bat
Thank YOU George! Keep swingin'.
Quarantine Can’t Be Lifted Soon Enough
Thanks Jon. With BBCOR, there is no reason not to swing wood and swing American made! Sounds way better too! Enjoy.
Quality bat as advertised
Thanks Luke! Nice swing there too.
Great craftsmanship
Thanks Spencer! Sounds like a good solution to the dilemma. :-)
Power wood M-14
Thanks William. The 'proof is in the pudding', eh? Cheers.
Awesome bat
Thanks Wendell!
Feels Great Sounds Better

Thanks Kevin. Hopefully Carson can get back on the field soon! Enjoy.

Great bat
Wow, thanks Shawn. We wish Kyle many hard hits and dingers in his college career!
Incredible bats.
High Quality Product.
Thanks Bryan!
Xgrip good!
Hot is important!
Great Bats!
Best bat ever owned
Thanks Ethan! Let's hope July gets here quick. Have fun with it until then.
Thanks Frank! FYI, you don't have to worry about temperature with our wood bats. That's only an issue with metal and composite bats. Bang away!
Piece of Art
Thanks Randall. And thanks for the nice pics!
Thanks Ian. That's high praise! People are starting to figure out that BBCOR means WOOD.
solid bat
Thanks Frankie. Baseball shall endure.
Great bat
Thanks TJ.
B-52 MacDougall Bat
Sweet! Thanks Bobbi. We're always here to help. It's how we roll.
Vulcan bat wrap.
Most durable wood bat ever
Thanks Richard! I hope Maddox has a great season. That old bat looks like we may be able to repair it. With 20k hits, it's probably a BP and backup bat but should be fine.