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After speaking with the online customer support I finally decided on purchasing this bat. It looks amazing just like I thought it would. My son loves it even though he has only had two indoor practices with it. Can not wait for season to start. Thank you so much.

Thanks for taking the time Scott. We can't wait either!

Looks amazing!!

John was incredibly helpful in getting exactly what I wanted on the engraving, and it looks phenomenal. Unfortunately I'm recovering from knee surgery currently and won't be able to use it for a few months. Beyond excited to use it and will be back to report how it goes once I'm able to!

Thanks Andrew. Heal up quick!

So far, so good.

Got the bat a couple weeks ago, and I've now had a chance to take BP twice with it. First of all, it's beautiful. Looks like a piece of fine carpentry. The bat is a little heavier in the hands than a typical wood bat, with the denser materials, but swings very clean with the balanced cut (very similar to the classic 110). The weight difference is not noticeable on the swing, though the barrel profile seems a bit more sleek than comparable turns. The included literature says that the M series is indexed to the "drop weight" of the P72 turn that Derek Jeter famously used, which seems accurate. Very stiff on contact, as expected. Ball jumps off very nicely, with a pronounced !CRACK!. Looking forward to getting outside with it and seeing it travel a little bit. Pretty excited about swinging this bat in the upcoming season.

Thank you so much Ryan. That's a very complete, concise and accurate review! You should start a bat review page! Have fun with it!

Best bat for the price

To offer a one year warranty on a wooden bat is remarkable. It looks amazing in the clear finish and has the best pop I’ve heard for wooden bats. Our team purchased two last year and I knew I had to get my son one for this year

Thank you for taking the time Daniel. We appreciate it! Enjoy the bat and Happy New Year.

Great grip

Very limited use as of yet, but I’m pleased with the feel of the grip. It is thin enough to not add too much size, but still offers a solid, secure grip. I prefer the feel of this over the competitor’s grips.

Thanks Charles.


Best fungo I have ever owned.

Well, there ya go! Thank you very much James.



Thanks Bryan and Troy! Glad you're having fun with it!

Amazing experience

I am not one to write reviews, but the folks at MacDougall deserve one. I have coached youth baseball and softball for years and thought I would treat myself to a fungo. I watched the video review by the Baseball Bat Bros on MacDougall bats and was really impressed with the companies technology and commitment to quality. My concern was hitting a softball with a fungo. I feared the added mass would put too much strain on the bat. I emailed the company expressing my concern and promptly received a response. John noted it may make more sense to make the handle of my fungo out of hickory rather than the traditional European Beech to address the softball mass. I received my bat promptly and was immediately impressed. Pictures of MacDougall bats do not do them justice, but I am a production guy so I had to test it out to be satisfied. That went well too. Great balance and control, did everything I needed during out defensive session and had no concerns. Best part, I did not have to worry about label or the grain - just hitting the ball where I needed. This fungo is perfect for me. As a customer, I could not be happier - prompt communication, great product, and fast service. Keep up the great work.

Wow Casey - thank you so much for taking the time. It is very much appreciated! Enjoy the fungomatic and 'teach 'em well'. Cheers

Home Run!

I am 14 years old and swing the MacDougall M-14. I hit my first home run with a wood bat!!

Yahoo! Congratulations on your first of many! It was all you Preston!

Great Grip

The grip is great. I prefer not to use batting gloves and the grip not only feels great but assists in bat control and not developing blisters.

Thanks Steve! Glad it's working for ya!

Ball Keeps Going & Going

Straight-up, this bat is special! It impress right out of the package, and performance is off the charts! We got the 33" (my son is 15) and first at bat he crushed one 340 to the gap. His other wood bats will probably not see daylight again. The ball just keeps Going & Going!

Thanks Greg! We're happy to hear there is fun being had out there! Enjoy.

Excellent Bat

First I want to thank John for helping me get my custom bat on time. John called me after the bat was finished with shipping options to make sure I got it in time for a national tournament. You don't get that service from the big bat companies. I got the natural finish and this is probably the most beautiful bat I've ever owned. But, best and most important is the feel on contact and just what I expected out of an end loaded bat. The sound and pop off the bat is amazing and turned heads. I had extra base hits in 4 of the 5 games in the tournament. I highly recommend this bat and am looking forward to using it next season.

Thanks for taking the time Steve! Happy to hear you had success and fun at the tourney. Lots more next season!! Cheers.

This is our second bat and it is just as amazing as the first. Always get comments in the cage from those observing when they see the pop and hear the contact. This is a great product that more people should know about and this is a great company that takes quality and customer service to a high level.

Thanks a million Boyd. Happy to hear you're enjoying the bats. And thank you so much for helping spread to word!

Great Company/Great Products

Amazing company that sets the bar for quality and customer service. The bat grip is far superior to other brands and gives a better feel for my son.

Thanks so much Boyd! We're tryin'!

Great looking bats

Bought them for a Christmas gift to our two grandchildren baseball players. Can't wait to give them as Christmas gifts. They want the best and these look to be that. Thanks,

Thanks Tim. You're a great grandfather!! Would love 'opening' pics if possible. Enjoy the holiday.

Powerwood M-14

Another great bat. Purchased the Powerwood M-14 for the feel of the handle and its similarity to a metal bat. Great feel, Great pop. Great customer service as expected.

Thanks AGAIN Brian! Now you've got two in the quiver. :-)


My son loves this wood bat. The best wood bat my son has had thanks guys. The paint is really nice and thick paint.

Thanks Raul for taking the time. On the barrel, we use 5 coats of two different materials. The whole finish system is designed to last a LONG time - just like our bats.


Solid grip my son loves it.


Awesome Bat

First thing I noticed is how nice this bat looks. The wood is sweet and the paint job excellent.
Next, the feel.
This is the best feeling wood bat by far. The flared knob is easy on the hands.
The balance is amazing. The bat glides through the zone no lag or drag. Just straight to the ball. Better than my Demarini.
Last, the sound. It really makes a different sound when you barrel one up. Even when you miss it sounds squared. Awesome sounds coming off the bat.
With the warranty it's a no brainier, I'm putting the metal away and staying with wood.

Thanks for taking the time Caleb! You noticed all the 'right stuff' too! Have fun with it.

great bat

Thanks Dave! You would know!

Wonderful Bat Grip

Very authentic bat grip and feels great on the hands as well. Not to mention it makes me feel like an old school baseball player LOL :)

Thanks Duane. I'm wit ya!

Wow, great bat

I used to be a Baum bat guy ,, but not anymore,, the pop from this bat makes Baum bat seem like a whiffle ball bat .. went 5 for 6 in my first time using today in my Arizona World Series 50 and over .. first game was at Good year Stadium .. the sound that this bat made surprised the he’ll out of me.. especially with an empty stadium .. very impressed .. thus is the only bat I will by in the future ... I bought a Mariuci bat from the Detroit Tigers garage sale and bought a bat that Leonis Martin used .. I used that the first half on my season .. this bat blows that away as well

Well Gerald, that is nothing less than music to all our ears here in the shop. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a great review. Have fun out there!

Solid beautiful bat. Quick order fulfillment. Thank you

Thank you Curtis! Cheers!

M-21 Balance wood!

Awesome bat .. After i hit with it. Everyone wants to check it out.. Take it to the cages. The attention that it draws is amazing.. Hits like the most expensive composite bats out there.. The best wood bat me and my kids have hit with.. Will be a return custom for life!

Hey Joe, thanks for the kind words. We do appreciate it!

Excellent craftsmanship

I love this bat. I am a coach and use it to hit infield. I think some of my players will be ordering bats after seeing this one