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Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Will Simmen (Austin, US)
Great bat

My son loves the bat and uses it every day to do tee work. Highly recommend.

Thanks again Will! Wait until Dane gets on the field with it! Cheers.

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Blakley Stone (Johnson City, US)
Solid Bat

Solid bat. It is constructed well and hits it a ton.

Thanks Blakley! That pretty much sums it up. ✔⚾

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Blaine Causey (Redmond, US)
Loud Thunder

Great feel and weight with the end loaded design. Customization is awesome and it looks great. Only used in cage so far but love how it sounds off the barrel. Looking forward to this spring on the diamond.

Thanks Blaine, spring will be here before we know it! Enjoy

Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat
Phillip Chapman (Huffman, US)
Very pleased

Purchased both of my sons a bat for Christmas. (k-3 youth and M series) As a first time MacDougall bat buyer, I was skeptical of how my boys would like them since they were not able to hold them and determine if they liked the feel or not. However, the first time in the cage and on the field, they immediately fell in love with them. From the sound, to the solid feel upon contact and the pop, they loved them. I think we will be a multiple MacDougall bat owner over the next years.

Thank you so much Phillip! I hope the boys have a ton of fun with them and 'make 'em sing'. ⚾⚾

Sword Man Front Logo Tee
T shirt

Nice shirt and sweet logo.

Thanks Michael!


Dear McDougall bats team, I am very happy with my last bat purchase. The quality of this bat is second to none. My son has several of your bats and we are totally happy with the wear and durability of your products.

Thanks for taking the time Richard. That's why folks keep coming back! Enjoy.

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Vance Tyrell (Bend, US)
Great Bat and company

I purchased this bat for my Grandson, and he loves the balance swing and sound hitting with something other than a metal bat. I also want to say MacDougall means it when they say they will get back to you quickly. In my case it wasn’t days or hours, it was minutes. Thanks MacDougall bats!

Thanks so much Vance. That's just how we roll! We hope your grandson has a lot of fun with it.

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Roger Sebring (Bend, US)
Love it

I bought one for myself and loved it so much I bought one for my buddy
teammate and he was all smiles when he got it.

Thanks for spreading the love Roger! Have fun with 'em! ⚾⚾

Tuff Grip

Awesome grip, great feel.


Powerwood SB Softball Wood Bat
Lucas Clary (Houston, US)
Feels & looks great & works like a charm!

This bat is a lot of fun!

And FUN is what it's all about, eh? Thanks for taking the time Lucas! Keep having fun!

Powerwood SB Softball Wood Bat
Hickory softball bat

great bat, good weight, damage to contact ratio good.

Thanks Michael. Keep inflicting damage out there. ⚾⚾

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Lucas Clary (New Orleans, US)

Feels and looks great!


Seems well built

So far so good

Thanks John. You will be able to say that for years to come! Have fun out there.

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
David Pimentel (Fremont, US)
Powerwood M Series

We made out 1st purchase with you and our son love the feel of the bay. Moms pretty happy too! Can’t wait for our 2023 season!! The Pimentel’s are Satisfied and returning customer.

Thanks again David! Thanks for the video too. Love that sound! Enjoy---⚾⚾

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Jeffrey Block (Clinton Township, US)
Gave me a batting strategy

I recently purchased the Powerwood M Series Balanced Bat as well as the Powerwood M Series Loaded Bat. They are the best tools I have in my bag. I play in the Detroit MSBL on two teams - Cubs 42+ and Cubs 52+. We face all types of pitching - slow to fast and straight to crafty. Based on the pitcher's speed and batting situations, I now have 2 ways to go. The bats are beautifully crafted, strong and worth the investment. I won't use another brand!

Thanks for the great feedback Jeffrey! Your strategy seems to be getting used by a lot of adult league players lately! Enjoy!⚾️

Powerwood SB Softball Wood Bat
Jarrett Martin (Northumberland, US)
Wood Bat Tournament

I took BP prior to a local wood bat tournament and hit like 8 of my first 12 pitches out. Then during the tournament our team led the tournament in homeruns by far. My buddy hit, i think 12 or so in 7 games. By the 3rd game, 6 guys in the lineup were using the bat and it didnt miss a beat. Great product, the coating still looks brand new.

Thanks Jarrett! Dinger, dinger, dinger! Keep on rakin'.

Powerwood Bat Repair
Matt Beeble (Vancouver, US)
Pleasantly surprised

John was responsive and flexible. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to salvage the bat I'd had for over 4 years but I got my bat back before my next game and it's hitting better than ever. I love the new grip. The only downside is that I won't get to purchase a new MacDougall for awhile.

Thanks Matt! Our 'cats' may not have 9 lives, but they usually have more than one! ⚾

HR Bat

First time my son used it was at a home run derby and got two home runs. Great bat.

Thanks for writing Frank! Plenty of power even in little guys hands! ⚾⚾

Great bat

I enjoy swinging the bat. Good performance and I have squared up quite a
few balls. No vibration at all.

Thanks Richard! Keep squaring 'em up!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
daniel stickney (Philadelphia, US)
Awesome Bat

After my son broke several other high dollar bats I decided to give the Macdougal a try
From the second he laid eyes on the bat he fell in love the craftsmanship alone was well above others
The first game with the bat was just as impressive with great pop
This is his go to bat

Thanks so much Daniel! Appreciate the video and we hope your son has a great year!

PowerWood B Series End Loaded Wood Bat
Kurt Corbin (Greenwood, US)
Hits like a truck

Great feel. Comes through the zone with a lot of power.

Nice! Thanks for the video Kurt! Keep on crushing it and having fun! ⚾⚾


my son is 12, he absolutely loves it . A lot of power and great pop. Best wooden bat he has used, plan on ordering more soon.

Thanks so much Tim, Looks like you've got one of the 'large size' 12 YO.

Powerwood SB Softball Wood Bat
James Wilbur (New Milford, US)

The bat has tremendous pop to it. Sounds great coming off the bat. Added about 50 ft to my swing distance. The feel of the bat is great. Would buy again without hesitation. Great bat keep up the product.

Thanks James! Keep on crushin' +++

Powerwood M Series Balanced Wood Bat
Alex Pogasic (Walled Lake, US)
Powerwood M Series

This bat is by far my favorite bat! I have always preferred a thin handle, which this has, and an even weight. The ball feels great off the bat and I even a couple balls that have jammed me didn't sting and the bat held up with no damage. I love seeing all the ball marks in my barrel as well. A good sign that I'm making hard contact and the balls jumping off this bat agree. Thanks for a well crafted bat and if I ever need a bat in the future I would be getting this model again!

Thanks so much for taking the time Alex! We wish you lots of fun and hard-hit balls with it.

Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Alex Pogasic (Chicago, US)
Lizard Skin Bat Grip

Guys, the Lizard Skin is the best bat grip I have had. I decided to spend the money instead of taping myself and I couldn't be happier. So far through about 30 AB's I haven't had any issue with it peeling off and I don't need to use pine tar or anything sticky, which I prefer not to use in the first place. I even got white and the coloring is holding so the handle still looks sharp.
Thank you for a great job taping up the bat as well!

Thanks Alex!