MacDougall Bats Reviews

See what the players who have discovered our bats have to say about them and why they keep coming back. All verified buyers.  Our biggest fear is that people will think they're not real!  Don't buy a "brand".  Buy a great bat.



Based on 366 reviews
Great Grip
Thank you Geoff. Control is good!
Best Wood Bat Ever!!
Wow, thank you Christel. Happy to hear your son likes the bat and thank YOU for supporting small American businesses! We may not be a giant, but we make a far superior product!
Thank you Garrett! Sounds like you've tamed the beast. Have fun with it!
Quality Bat
Thanks Mike, we appreciate it! Have a great 'season'!
Perfect balance for me
Thanks Mic. You definitely know there is beef in the end on the B series. Go ahead and get it dirty! Message or call if you want to know the best way to clean it up sometime.
Good grip!
Thanks Tyler. Good stuff, right? Have a great season!
Best dang bat ever!!!!
Nice Brian! Enjoy!
Solid minimal vibration
Thanks Jack! Good to hear and we understand- the proof is in the long term pudding!
Great Bat!
Thank you very much Luke! Keep on rakin!.
Great bat!
Thanks Joseph! Have a great season!
Pelican Stuff work
Thanks. We think so too!
Great Bat!
Thanks Rich. Nice way to start it out!
So Far So Good!
Thanks for the feedback Kirk. Glad you're enjoying the bat. Sorry about the grip. That one worked well when dry but struggled when wet. We've actually discontinued selling it. Have a great season!
I’m going to buy another one.
Wow, thanks Tyler. We very much appreciate the feedback. We try hard. Every day. Have a great season!
Best Bat Ever
Thanks Brian. Enjoy!
Very well balanced with POP!
Thanks Michael. Pop good! Enjoy!
Amazing Bat
Thank you so much Ankur! I hope your son has a great summer! Nothing beats real wood!!
Amazing Bats!
Thanks for ALL that Bob! It's much appreciated. Tell Cullen to have a blast this summer!
Best Father’s Day Gift
Thanks Coach! As a lifelong carpenter, I know the joy of having the finest tools. Enjoy!
Awesome piece of lumber
Thanks Trent! Enjoy.
He loves the bat
A Beautiful Bat
Great bat!!!!!
Thanks Charles. Have a great summer!
B-52 review
Thanks John! You summed it up perfectly. Turn outs into hits and keep your wallet in your pocket. LOL
Great product...great craftsmanship
Thanks Alfredo! Have a great summer!