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Great bat

I'm very happy with it. It looks great and has lots of pop. I'll be getting a second one for next season

Thanks Sid! Have a great season up there!
Powerwood B52

What can I say. This is our second bat from Macdougall and they are awesome! My sons first bat was the M-21 which he hit absolute bombs with. This bat had well over 3000 hits on it, and he hits this bat just as hard as he does metal bats. He just recently hit 385 with an exit velocity of 102.2 with the M21 at 15 years old. We just bought the B52 which he wanted to use for this upcoming summer. John put the new American made grip on it for us. We just received the bat and the grip is amazing. My took his first hacks with this bat over the weekend. I can wait to see it in live play action this summer. Ironically also over the weekend he just broke his M21 which I plan on sending back to get repaired. These bats are really made to take a beating. His M21 is over a 9 months old and with that many hits it has outlasted every other wood bat he has every swung. Keep making great American products. Anyone considering these bats do it. You won't regret it.

2nd one

Second one. Son just loves to swing it!

First Wood bat for 9U player

Got the 30" -5 for my son for BP and he used it for the first time on Saturday in BP with no issues. Great Quality bat on visual inspection.


Bat has great pop and sound. When you hit the sweet spot with a high EV it sounds like a firecracker. Distance was better than average. Results from the Hitrakker.

Thanks Robert. Just wait til he gets on the field with it!
Tons of Pop

Charles is loving the bat! He says it has tons of pop and is a lot like his Combat composite bat! Awesome, beautiful bat!

Thanks Robert. Great to hear! Enjoy.
Awesome bat!

I bought the M-14 series 31 1/2" bat for my 13yr old son for Xmas. He absolutely loves this wood bat. He loves the balanced swing and the great "pop" ! Living in PA this time of year, he hits balls off the tee in our basement, the sound is amazing and the bat hardly has any ball marks on the barrel, Tanoak baby! We look forward to putting it to use this spring in games! Also love the fact you can call the company with questions and speak to the OWNER, not some "customer service" representative from another country. Great bat, great product, made in the USA! I would recommend this bat to anyone!

Thanks Jeff. He'll see it shine brighter when he gets outside with it. Happy New Year!
El Mejor

hola, el bat es genial, su forma su color su diseño la forma en pegarle a
la pelota es muy buena. el mejor bat que he utilizado.

Phoenix World Series

Bought this bat prior to our father - son World Series tournament in Phoenix, AZ this past week. I am still getting used to the bat, but so far the hits have a solid feel and great sound. I like the fact of knowing I will have this bat as I get comfortable with it. I’m tired of bats breaking on me just when I get hot.
I’m also looking forward to trying other MacDougal models.

Thanks James. I hope you guys had fun down there. (How could you not?!!)
Great Bat!

My son loves his MacDougall Bat, tough and durable, but has great pop

Thanks Michael. I'm sure JT will have a lot of fun playing in college!
Best wood bat

Great bat with a ton of pop!

Thanks Raymond!
Absolute awesomeness

This bat has a sweet sound and an excellent feel. My players love this bat and are working harder to make the top of the roster to be the first in the game to use it. I'm glad that I made the purchase.

Thanks Steele! We're ALWAYS happy to hear that people like our bats.
Beautiful Solid Craftsmanship

To tell the truth I haven't swung a bat competitively in 16 years but the minute I came across this bat I got an itch, lol !!! So I'm gonna order a few for my high school and one for me for the cage after a stressful day at work. Can't wait to get some swings in with it and to see others hit with it.

Hey Wesley - nothing like the crack of the bat to relieve stress!

I'm in love...this B-52 is a hitting "instrument" and I have it fine tuned
to that of a maestro!!

Of all bombs if hit in the last few weeks, they still haven't found this
one (pic attached)!! The ball absolutely jumps off a MacDougall!

Rod Smith

Thanks Rod. Glad you're having fun with it!
What are you waiting for?

I had been eyeing one of these for the past year. With only a couple games to go this season I finally ordered a 34" B-52. My only regret is not ordering it sooner. It is such a beautiful bat that I felt it deserved to be displayed on a wall rather than smash baseballs with it, until I smashed some baseballs with it. The sound and the pop of this bat, even on mishits, is the real art. It's only been a few weeks, but it's everything I wanted and more than I expected. Bring on the playoffs!!! Thank-you.

Thanks Scott, glad you're having fun with the bat. It's one of those cases where beautiy is more than skin deep!
Work of art

McDougal bats are an ingenious design that make for an incredibly strong and responsive bat. I think they have more pop than a metal bat. But it’s their look that I love most. The craftsmanship makes The bat look like a work of art. Everything about the joinery and construction provides strength to the bat.
I tip my cap to John McDougal...

Thank you for the kind words Gary.
Fungomatic - the last fungo I will buy

I recently purchased the Fungomatic fungo bat. As someone who has coached, and with 4 boys who play under 16, I have tried every fungo made. Its 35" length is ideal for infield and outfield practice. The balance and slightly thicker handle is like no other fungo I have used - extremely solid. I recommend this to anyone as a practice tool, not just coaches. I think I just bought my last fungo...

Thanks Matt - enjoy it! Make 'em work hard!
375' homerun

My son loves the bat! The finish is fantastic and the sound off the barrel is a solid crack! In his 5th at bat using the B 52 he put one over the right field fence approx. 375'. Nice

VERY nice! Thanks, and tell your son to keep rakin'!
Awesome bat

Yes, bats are expensive, with that in mind, this is the best wood bat I have ever purchased, I wish these had been available when I was playing baseball. It’s value lies in its clever design, the wedges of lamination create incredible strength, It would be pretty difficult to break this bat! It is also heavier than most other softball bats, a real plus. I highly recommend it. Get one, you won’t be sorry.

Thanks Gary! Enjoy it!

What a beautiful bat! My grandson was very excited when he opened it up and reports that it feels great to hit with. Honestly can't speak to the performance of it, but the smile on his face alone was worth it! Transaction was smooth and bat was delivered ahead of schedule.


Artisans at Bat making !

This bat is going to sit on a bedroom wall for five years as I wanted to get our three year old grandson his first little league bat for his birthday! The workmanship is of the highest quality and I couldn’t put it down for a couple hours after it was delivered ! I’ll have at least two more bats to order in the next couple years and I can’t wait !

Haha! That's great Paul. At least take it down and let him sleep with it once in a while. :-)

Tonight the ball was sailing off the fence. People using the bat love it, calling it sweetness. Some were thinking of buying one for themselves; they even took pictures of the bat.

Best Wood Bat Ever !!!!

My son has literally used about every metal and wood bat invented.......the M-21 is by far the best he has ever put in his hands.
The craftsmanship jumps out at you.......more like fine piece of furniture than a "bat". This translates into the performance of the bat clearly.

Cheers Eric! It's always nice to find the 'one'!

As a former Professional Baseball player , I have used just about every wood bat on the market, MacDougall is the best bat hands down. I have bought several bats for my son and also purchased several Fungo's for former teammates and coaches . The craftsmanship and quality are amazing , to a point that the bat is so Beautiful you don't want to use it and just hang on a wall to display ! John , Thank you for producing such an Amazing bat !

Hey Jeff, thank you for the kind words. We always try to do everything the 'right way' so I'm happy to hear it shows! Thanks for the cool picture too!
Beautiful bat

I have only used the bat in a few games so far this season but it seems to have a lovely clean feel and good pop. I know I am going to have a great season with this bat. It looks cool too! Love the warranty but hope I am not going to have to use it and the bat outlasts the 5 months. Last year I went through two Marucci $150 bats and two $79 bats in the season. Customer service was excellent. Thanks

Thanks Jack. Glad to hear you like it. That math looks pretty good for us, eh? :-)