Get the Right Fit

Speak Softly and Carry the right stick

No question about it: the PowerWood™ is the best all-wood bat available. But to swing it to its fullest potential, it's important that your Doogie fits you. A bat that fits correctly helps you get around on a heater or adjust to a breaking ball. Remember, the goal is a big batting average, NOT a big bat.  The fact is, the only thing that determines how far you can hit a ball is how big and strong you are.  It won't matter what size bat you are swinging.  If you can swing a larger bat with the same bat speed as a shorter one, then go for it.  But bat speed and control trump bat length virtually always.

Think about this - Tony Gwynn (seven-time National League batting champ) and Barry Bonds both used a 32½" bat.

The bottom line is, you want to swing the heaviest bat you can while still having good control to square the ball up and being able to get around on the fastest pitching you will be up against.

Feel Us Out

After you get your PowerWood, take a few cuts in the backyard. (NOT in the living room.  You know how your mother or wife screams when you do that)  If it doesn't fit well or feel natural, put it back in the box and send it to us.  Even if you've hit with it and discover it's not right, we GUARANTEE HAPPINESS.