We're the Head-to-Head Performance Winners!

We have heard from our customers for a long time how the Powerwood outperforms anything they have used before. We know of several guys who play in metal bat leagues that are using our bats.  They said they're coaches were a little hesitant at first until they saw them bouncing balls off the outfield fence or going out!

Now, these stories are great, but they are just stories.  Around here, we like scientific proof.  So we worked with the guys at the Sports Science Lab at Washington State University (they do ALL BBCOR certifications) to come up with a test that would show an Overall Performance profile.  Because of how our bats are made, you get way more pop even when you MISS! 
The fact is, you connect on other parts of the barrel way more than you nail the sweet spot.  So how the bat performs when you hit off the end or down towards the label, is super important. 
Who did we beat?  We picked our biggest competition in the composite wood bat arena "B" and "D".  In the bottom chart are the pro maple bats you see the most in MLB.

I guess when our customers told us all those stories, they weren't just blowin' smoke.