The MacDougall Bat Warranty


MacDougall & Sons Bat Company Inc                        

PowerWood Bat Warranty

 There is no other warranty expressed or implied. Warranties are valid for original purchaser only.

Adult Baseball Bats ---             One Year Breakage warranty!!

Powerwood Softball Bats --  One Year Breakage Warranty! 

Youth League Bats  ---------    One Year Breakage Warranty! 

 The Powerwood Bat Warranty, for the timeframes stated above, is as follows:

  In the rare occurrence that a bat breaks during normal use hitting only regular baseballs  during the warranty period after purchase, we will repair, or if necessary,  replace the bat at our discretion. Any replacement or repaired bat will be covered for the remaining warranty period of the original bat.  Bats must be used by only a single player!  Generally, when a Powerwood bat breaks, it is only a minor crack in the handle.  We have repaired many bats that go on to be used for a long, long time.  A repaired Powerwood bat is stronger than other bats are new!  If you notice a small crack in the handle of your bat, stop using it immediately and contact us.  If not purchased directly from MacDougall Bats, then receipt and date of purchase must be verifiably provided.

 We back every bat with a Two-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty. (Warning: Boring Legal Copy follows.) MacDougall & Sons Bat Company Inc, guarantees to the original purchaser that for two years from the date of purchase, our bats will be free of any manufacturing defect (such as de-lamination) as defined by MacDougall & Sons Bat Co.

This warranty only covers bats used for hitting regular baseballs in amateur competition and practice. It does not cover any cosmetic checking or flaking that does not cause bat failure or any failure caused by misuse or abuse.  MacDougall Bats will be the sole arbiter as to whether any damage or breakage was caused by abuse or by hitting anything other than regulation baseballs.  We stand behind what we make and deal with our customers honorably and we expect the same in return.

 This warranty is for individuals only, not "team" bats.  Hitting hard yellow cage ball voids warranty.


Email or call MacDougall & Sons directly 541.550.7835 for return instructions and warranty details.  Make sure you provide all details of your purchase when you call or email.  Customer service is our top priority and we are committed to taking care of any problems quickly.

Warranty is not valid for shipping addresses outside the USA.                    

In other words, take care of your Doogie, and it'll take care of you. Thanks from the guys on your team at MacDougall & Sons.  Crush one for us!

Ver. 10/10/2019  rev 5/20/20