Slow Motion Wood Bat Swing is Worth a Thousand Words

April 12, 2014 2 min read


It's hard to believe that this hit turned out to be a bases clearing double in the 2012 NLCS!  It could only happen one possible way - the bat and the ball had to be moving on precisely the same plane.  Otherwise it would have been a dribbler back to the pitcher for a 1-2-3 double play.  Look at the ball after the initial contact.  It darn near stops! 

But, it demonstrates perfectly what makes the MacDougall wood bat different.  The more flexible a wood bat is, the more it will suck all the energy out of the bat/ball collision, as you see in the video.  Go HERE and watch the video on the right from the Baseball Research Center hitting one of our Powerwood bats at about 40 mph FASTER than what you see in the Pence video above.  You can see how much the Powerwood bat, because of its incredible strength, resists bending which puts way more of that energy into the ball.  That means harder hit balls over more of the barrel and definitely more hits! But don't take our word or even our customer's word for it.  Check out the results of the head to head Overall Performance testing from the Sports Science Lab at Washington State University HERE.  As you can see, we outperform the "pro maple" Louisville Slugger and Marucci bat (the 2 most used in MLB) but also the biggest selling "wood composite" bats, the DeMarini and the Baum.  And we do this with a REAL 100% wood bat.  No plastic.  No foam.  No fiberglass.  Just awesome American wood.  Made in America too!  Don't be a "big brand zombie".  Just like craft brews are WAY better than the stuff from Bud or Coors, the "craft brewed" Powerwood whups the big boys.  Customer proven and Sports Science Lab proven.

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