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The Ultimate Fungo Bat!   35"

Original and F-21 are the same fungo with 2 knob style choices!

A little different from our other bats.  We use European Beech for the handles and the same Tanoak for the barrels.  The eBeech allows us to keep the preferred fungo weight while still being super strong and durable.  It also happens to look really cool too!

If you are a Fungo Connoisseur, this is your bat.  It is so stiff you don't have to swing as hard to make the ball fly.  Way stronger than your average fungo and a pure pleasure to swing.

No matter your profession, you should always have the best tools.  If you coach baseball, this is the ONE.


Customer Reviews

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Best fungo I have ever owned.

Well, there ya go! Thank you very much James.

Amazing experience

I am not one to write reviews, but the folks at MacDougall deserve one. I have coached youth baseball and softball for years and thought I would treat myself to a fungo. I watched the video review by the Baseball Bat Bros on MacDougall bats and was really impressed with the companies technology and commitment to quality. My concern was hitting a softball with a fungo. I feared the added mass would put too much strain on the bat. I emailed the company expressing my concern and promptly received a response. John noted it may make more sense to make the handle of my fungo out of hickory rather than the traditional European Beech to address the softball mass. I received my bat promptly and was immediately impressed. Pictures of MacDougall bats do not do them justice, but I am a production guy so I had to test it out to be satisfied. That went well too. Great balance and control, did everything I needed during out defensive session and had no concerns. Best part, I did not have to worry about label or the grain - just hitting the ball where I needed. This fungo is perfect for me. As a customer, I could not be happier - prompt communication, great product, and fast service. Keep up the great work.

Wow Casey - thank you so much for taking the time. It is very much appreciated! Enjoy the fungomatic and 'teach 'em well'. Cheers


Solid beautiful bat. Quick order fulfillment. Thank you

Thank you Curtis! Cheers!

Coaches Fungo

So beautiful I didn't want to use it. But its awesome to use as well. Great product!

Thanks for taking the time Frank. Teach 'em well!

Buaidh No Bas

That's Gaelic. It means Conquer or Die. And it's the MacDougall family motto. And with the Fungomatic, there won't be any dying on the practice field. Ever. Now, you may think I've got some skin in this game because of the shared surname, but I don't. I'm a separate MacDougall. That said, I'm happy to have stumbled upon this business and purchased a Fungomatic to use with my travel team in west TN. This sweet looking and sweet hitting weapon has beautiful balance throughout the swing. At times, I almost don't want to hit with it it's so beautiful. But then I say to myself, "Stop it." I've got lasers to hit to my infielders, and rain-making flyballs for my outfielders to make them the best players they can be. And this Fungomatic helps me do that. Some day, when I'm done coaching, I'll hang this on my wall, because that's where it belongs. It's a hand-crafted piece of art as much as the two-handed claymores our forefathers wielded in the highlands. And just as deadly. Slainté!

Tapadh leat Don! I'm glad to hear you see and say the beauty of our bats is more than skin deep. Wield your Fungomatic like a true Scot! Slainte!