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The Ultimate Fungo Bat!   35"

If you are a Fungo Connoisseur, this is your bat.  It is so stiff you don't have to swing as hard to make the ball fly. We haven't heard of one breaking yet!

Sometimes the fungos can take a little longer to get if we run out of the special billets we make that are just for the Fungomatic.  If you like, call and check availability.

Customer Reviews

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Fungo with pop

This fungo has been a joy to use, good balance, length and pop. Worth the investment if you are a heavy user of the fungo to have a finely crafted instrument for the job.

Thanks Kyle. We concur!
Clean and mean

Great fungo! It is heavier than most, but it allows me to stay through balls. Great for infield and outfield. The craftsmanship is out of this world. Lots of players and coaches have been enamored by the bat because it is such a clean looking stick. Very happy with this product!

Thanks Dustin!

Great bat. Very impressed with the beautiful craftsmanship and how strong and durable this fungo is. It has great pop and balanced well. I don’t see buying another fungo in my future as this one looks like it will last a lifetime. Well done Macdougall family. Go Wolverines

Thanks Justin! Have a great season up there. Go Wolverines!
Fungomatic - the last fungo I will buy

I recently purchased the Fungomatic fungo bat. As someone who has coached, and with 4 boys who play under 16, I have tried every fungo made. Its 35" length is ideal for infield and outfield practice. The balance and slightly thicker handle is like no other fungo I have used - extremely solid. I recommend this to anyone as a practice tool, not just coaches. I think I just bought my last fungo...

Thanks Matt - enjoy it! Make 'em work hard!

As a former Professional Baseball player , I have used just about every wood bat on the market, MacDougall is the best bat hands down. I have bought several bats for my son and also purchased several Fungo's for former teammates and coaches . The craftsmanship and quality are amazing , to a point that the bat is so Beautiful you don't want to use it and just hang on a wall to display ! John , Thank you for producing such an Amazing bat !

Hey Jeff, thank you for the kind words. We always try to do everything the 'right way' so I'm happy to hear it shows! Thanks for the cool picture too!