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  • BBCOR Certified - Legal for Perfect Game, all HS & College, PSAL,MSBL, NABA and pretty much all wood bat events and leagues.

The MacDougall Powerwood M Series bat is "Moment of Inertia" indexed to have the same swingweight feel as a P72 (similar to a 110 or 271).  This is the bat to choose for a super balanced feel and for maximum bat speed.   It has a -2 to -2.5 swingweight range and all are 31/32" at the top hand.  Just click on the "Build Your Bat" tab and choose your preferred knob style, length, color, engraving and accessories.  Our bats are made to order just for you.  Look for current time to ship in the cart.

The patented Powerwood bat outlasts and outperforms all others because of its unique, 100% real wood, Fusion Wood design, The true Hickory handle and rock hard Tanoak barrel combine to make a difference that you'll notice the first time you hit with it.  Even the sound is awesome!  Both woods have an MLB Pedigree too.

Because the Powerwood bat is so rigid, it is much more forgiving when you hit away from the sweet spot.  It's the top "overall" performer as shown in independent testing at the Sports Science Labs.  Also proven by the hundreds of 5 Star reviews too!

We take great pride in every bat we build.  After all, our name is on every one.  We also take great pride in our "Golden Rule" customer service!

The strongest wood baseball bat made. Period!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 267 reviews

    After speaking with the online customer support I finally decided on purchasing this bat. It looks amazing just like I thought it would. My son loves it even though he has only had two indoor practices with it. Can not wait for season to start. Thank you so much.

    Thanks for taking the time Scott. We can't wait either!

    So far, so good.

    Got the bat a couple weeks ago, and I've now had a chance to take BP twice with it. First of all, it's beautiful. Looks like a piece of fine carpentry. The bat is a little heavier in the hands than a typical wood bat, with the denser materials, but swings very clean with the balanced cut (very similar to the classic 110). The weight difference is not noticeable on the swing, though the barrel profile seems a bit more sleek than comparable turns. The included literature says that the M series is indexed to the "drop weight" of the P72 turn that Derek Jeter famously used, which seems accurate. Very stiff on contact, as expected. Ball jumps off very nicely, with a pronounced !CRACK!. Looking forward to getting outside with it and seeing it travel a little bit. Pretty excited about swinging this bat in the upcoming season.

    Thank you so much Ryan. That's a very complete, concise and accurate review! You should start a bat review page! Have fun with it!

    The BEST

    7 words....CANT BE BEAT AND WONT BE BEAT!!!

    Thanks Bryan and Troy! Glad you're having fun with it!

    Home Run!

    I am 14 years old and swing the MacDougall M-14. I hit my first home run with a wood bat!!

    Yahoo! Congratulations on your first of many! It was all you Preston!

    Ball Keeps Going & Going

    Straight-up, this bat is special! It impress right out of the package, and performance is off the charts! We got the 33" (my son is 15) and first at bat he crushed one 340 to the gap. His other wood bats will probably not see daylight again. The ball just keeps Going & Going!

    Thanks Greg! We're happy to hear there is fun being had out there! Enjoy.