Powerwood Bat Repair

Give your Powerwood another life!  Most Powerwood bat breaks are not bad and amount to a repairable crack.

Send us some good digital photos first so we can confirm that the break is fixable.  If so, just ship us your bat, we'll perform our magic on it and shipping back to you is included in the price!

Please note that there is no telling how much a bat handle has been "stressed" before we repair it.  Some we know of have lasted a year after being repaired.  But, it's a bummer to have it repaired and break quickly, so, we give you a 30 Day Breakage Warranty on the repaired bat.   That's more than you get on most new maple bats!  If it breaks again during this period we will credit you the cost of the repair toward the cost of a new bat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lance (Kennewick, US)
Powerwood bat repair

First of all, the customer service continues to be stellar. John and his sons should be proud of the company they have built. My son has 2 Powerwood bats that he’s used extensively over the past 5 years in tournaments, practices, showcases, wood bat league, and just recently this was the first time he had broken one. We sent pictures of the crack to the company; and, they said it was a perfect candidate for repair. Upon return, the repair is completely flawless. Unless you knew where the original crack was, you wouldn’t be able to find it. Happy to report that the bat is back in action and looking forward to sending more vids of balls leaving the yard off this “new” bat !

Thanks Lance! Our 'cats' may not have 9 lives, but they sure have more than one. :-)

Kelly Besker (Chula Vista, US)
Broken bat fixed‼️

My son managed to crack the handle‼️ We sent out in and they fixed it for a small fee. Can hardly tell it ever cracked‼️ Thanks for your response and customer service‼️ Top notch‼️

Lanny Brown
Simply amazing

If your son is playing with wood bats you would be a fool to use any other bat! My son raves about the pop! The new bats is comparable in price to any other good bat. But the repair makes the difference! Only bat I know that can be repaired! Unbelievable! We love their personal treatment and care too!

Thanks Lanny!

Arthur Cardenas

great repair, bat is just like new my son loves it thanks

Patrick Reiff
I love this bat

I got this bat beginning of the year in 2015. I used it during games, and also for bp. I've put a few thousand swings in this bat, and I've even swung at crap off the handle and way outside. Finally after those few thousand cuts, I got a bit of a crack on the handle. Sent it back and John patched it up for me, better than new.

Fantastic bat. Super balanced, great pop and durable as hell. Gonna use it till it falls completely apart, and then I'll buy a new one.

Don't wait TOO long! LOL