Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat

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  • 27" to 31"  and all 5 of our finish colors.
  • 2-1/4" barrel for youth league play
  •  K-3 Youth League wood bats have a -5 to -5.5 Swingweight

The reviews don't lie - Powerwood bats transfer more energy to the ball - even when you miss - due to their unmatched stiffness and strength.  The Hickory provides the POWER and the Tanoak brings the POP!  Make every swing count and turn outs into hits with no worries about breaking your bat!

We designed the K-3 from scratch to specifically meet the needs of our youngest players so they'll be successful.  Kids baseball bats should fit kids hands.  Wondering about barrel size?  Then you should read this CLICK    

The K-3 is made EXACTLY the same way as our Adult Powerwood bats are made.  From the iron-like Hickory handle to the Harmon Killebrew pioneered Tanoak barrel.  Play the game the way it was meant to be played - with wood.  Kids have more fun swinging wood - and that's the goal, isn't it?  They're built so strong, it will probably be a family heirloom.  The truth is, most conventional wood bat makers use the absolute poorest billets to make their youth wood bats with the consequence being that they DO break them.   Look for current time to ship in the cart.

Because the Powerwood bat is so rigid, it is much more forgiving when you hit away from the sweet spot.  It's the top "overall" performer as shown in independent testing at the Sports Science Labs.  Also proven by the hundreds of 5 Star reviews too! 

NOT USABat licensed.  Feel free to contact USA Baseball and Little League to tell them to stop preventing you from being able to use our bats!  It's a "solid wood bat" according to the NCAA and NFHS.

We take great pride in every bat we build.  After all, our name is on every one.  We also take great pride in our "Golden Rule" customer service!

The strongest wood baseball bat made. Period!


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Michael Lynch (Birmingham, US)
Great bay!

We’ve been using it for bp- it’s a little heavier and has really helped my sons bay speed with out messing up his swing

Thanks Michael! Now take it outside to compare and see it shine! Cheers.

Jr Cougs Baseball (Bend, US)
MacDougall bats rock!

Our Juniors program purchased multiple bats. They did not disappoint. Great feel, weight distribution and sweet spot. Not to mention the customization for our program. Highly recommend for any age level.

Thanks so much. We love to see kids swingin' wood! ⚾⚾

Blakley Stone (Johnson City, US)
Solid Bat

Solid bat. It is constructed well and hits it a ton.

Thanks Blakley! That pretty much sums it up. ✔⚾

Phillip Chapman (Huffman, US)
Very pleased

Purchased both of my sons a bat for Christmas. (k-3 youth and M series) As a first time MacDougall bat buyer, I was skeptical of how my boys would like them since they were not able to hold them and determine if they liked the feel or not. However, the first time in the cage and on the field, they immediately fell in love with them. From the sound, to the solid feel upon contact and the pop, they loved them. I think we will be a multiple MacDougall bat owner over the next years.

Thank you so much Phillip! I hope the boys have a ton of fun with them and 'make 'em sing'. ⚾⚾

Frank Alguire
HR Bat

First time my son used it was at a home run derby and got two home runs. Great bat.

Thanks for writing Frank! Plenty of power even in little guys hands! ⚾⚾