Powerwood K-3 Youth Wood Baseball Bat



27" to 31"  and all 5 of our finish colors.

2-1/4" barrel for youth league play

 K-3 Youth League wood bats have a -5 to -5.5 Swingweight

We designed the K-3 from scratch to specifically meet the needs of our youngest players so they'll be successful.  Kids baseball bats should fit kids hands.  Wondering about barrel size?  Then you should read this CLICK    

The K-3 is made EXACTLY the same way as our Adult Powerwood bats are made.  From the iron-like Hickory handle to the Harmon Killebrew pioneered Tanoak barrel.  Play the game the way it was meant to be played - with wood.  Kids have more fun swinging wood - and that's the goal, isn't it?  They're built so strong, it will probably be a family heirloom.  The truth is, most conventional wood bat makers use the absolute poorest billets to make their youth wood bats with the consequence being that they DO break them.   Look for current time to ship in the cart.

Because the Powerwood bat is so rigid, it is much more forgiving when you hit away from the sweet spot.  It's the top "overall" performer as shown in independent testing at the Sports Science Labs.  Also proven by the hundreds of 5 Star reviews too! 

NOT USABat licensed.  Feel free to contact USA Baseball and Little League to tell them to stop preventing you from being able to use our bats!  It's a "solid wood bat" according to the NCAA and NFHS.

We take great pride in every bat we build.  After all, our name is on every one.  We also take great pride in our "Golden Rule" customer service!

The strongest wood baseball bat made. Period!


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Don MacDougall (Collierville, US)
A Mac for my mini Mac

My 11-year old loves his K-3. We've been using it all off-season to help him hone in on the sweet spot, and prepare for the upcoming season. We'll try and get into some wood bat tournaments so he can use it in game. It has a lot more pop than his previous maple wood bat. And he loves the sound when he really connects.
And we love keeping it all in the family.
Thanks, cousins.
-Don MacDougall

Thanks Don. Actually, there's no reason he can't swing it in the 'non' wood bat games. The performance is the same. He can swing what he enjoys more! Slainte!

Derek Armstrong (Dallas, US)

Opened it, beautiful, but haven’t given it to son yet. Cannot wait until after Christmas for him to swing it. Assuming like the other two!

Thanks Derek. Exactly like the other bats you have! Feel free to send us an 'opening' pic. That would be great! Enjoy.

Kelly Rice

My son uses this bat to train with and a great cold weather option. He loves the feel.

Thanks Kelly. He'll really love it when it warms up and he can hit with it on a nice green field! Cheers.

Angus Murphy (Atlanta, US)
Love it!

We should've bought one of these a long time ago. It looks great, sounds great, feels great and is the new favorite in the bat bag.

Thanks for the kind words Angus! (That's my son's middle name!) We appreciate you taking the time. Enjoy the bat and baseball with your son.

Karen (New Baltimore, US)
One amazing bat

My 12 yr old son plays spring travel ball and local summer ball & fall ball. He has many different makes and models of bats, mostly USSSA. This bat stands up to any high-end USSSA bat, with nearly the same pop. He loves the feel of it, and the sound. It's beautifully made - literally perfect out of the box without one flaw. We have zero regrets in buying this bat for him, as he will enjoy it for years to come!

Thanks so much Karen. Enjoy the bat and baseball with your son!